Allards at Watkins Glen

In the 1950s, Watkins Glen was a regular stop on the US GP circuit. The Allards are well-known to sports car racing aficionados in the region. Today, every second weekend in September, the town of Watkins Glen hosts one of the most exciting vintage race car festivals on the Continent. Not only is there all-out vintage racing for every class of legendary cars, but festivities in Watkins Glen include a reenactment of the 1950's race on the original 6.5-mile road course. The entire circuit is lined with hundreds of fans who are priviledged to see rare and exotic vintage race cars, including of course, Allards, Jags, Ferraris, Aston Martins, Bentleys, Alfas, Listers, Cunninghams, MGs, Healeys, to name but a few. The festivities also includes rallyes, touring, car shows and a concours d'elegance. Allard Motor Works hopes to wet your appetite and have you visit Watkins Glen's US Zippo Vintage Grand Prix. It's a blast, the people are great and the cars are to die for. More at

Jay Leno & the Allard J2X MkII (9:51)
Fifth Gear - Allard J2X (3:31)
Car of the Year 2010: No. 10 Allard J2X MkII (3:20)
Allard J2X MkII & Matrix Lift Trailers (3:29)
Allard J2X MkII - Légende de la route (9:25)